Diamondback Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a new bike, there are many brands out there. Diamondback Mountain Bike is among these brands whose popularity continues to grow massively.

The company makes some good high-end and high-tech bicycle models for road racing and mountain biking.

If you’re hoping to buy this brand, here’s an honest review of its bikes.

Brief History of Diamondback

Diamondback is located in Kent, Washington.

It sells many products to different parts of the world apart from the UK, they include Bangladesh, United States, and Australia, among others.

Its bicycles, however, are produced in the Kinesis industry in China.

This enterprise was founded in 1977. Initially, they concentrated only on the Diamondback BMX bikes and sponsored riders, something that contributed to their popularity back then.

In 1982, however, this brand launched its first MTB bicycle called the Ridge Runner.

In 1998, its Racing model was launched. Since then, Diamondback mountain bikes have been continuously improving

Diamondback Bike Types

The main types of bicycles available are road, hybrid, mountain, and kids’ bike. Note that in every category, they manufacture different models for both men and women.

•        Diamondback Mountain Bike

This Company sells most of its bikes in this category because MTBs are becoming more and more popular.

There’re many models of this kind including Hardtail, Fat Series, and Full suspension ones. The first and third series have different subclasses.
Diamondback’s MTB bikes are well known for their high-quality nature.

These models can hold up on tough trails and steeper hills. And they’re not only affordable but also reliable and durable. Plus, they come in different styles hence providing you with a smooth ride.

Price ranges between £180 for a youth version, up to around £2300 for the Corvus Electric MTB

•        Diamondback Road Bike

They offer a wide range of road bicycles for both entry and high-end professional riders. Also, these bicycles are available for kids starting with models featuring extra wheels, BMX and Cruisers.

Pros and Cons


1.      A worthwhile investment

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that it’s worth buying this brand. Their bicycles are made with high-grade materials, which means durability and efficiency are not things that should worry you.

2.      Incredible braking system

When buying bicycles, one crucial feature to consider is their brakes. One thing that customers love about models from this company is that their braking system is top-notch. It doesn’t need a lot of adjusting or complete upgrades. Instead, they can stop instantly anywhere no matter the surface or weather conditions.

3.      Warranty

Frames have a lifetime guarantee. And full-suspension MTBs have a five-year warranty. Should you notice anything wrong with your frame, just contact them. However, since these frames are quite stiff, warranty issues are rare.

4.      Versatile

Since these bikes can conquer various terrains, one can use them for different purposes. You can commute with your bike on weekdays and still use it on nature trails during the weekends.

  1. Spares

The Diamondback bikes hold tons of spares for all of their ranges.


1.      Weight

Because of the firm and durable materials used, some people find these bicycles heavy.

2.      Light Manual

These bikes come with user manuals that contain an assembling guide. But, many individuals think that it’s too vague. And, they still need help in getting their bicycles together.


Diamondback bikes are excellent models for people who want reliable, durable and versatile models. Regardless of your riding purpose, this brand manufactures various models to suit your needs. And, unlike other brands, this company accommodates online buyers. So, if you’re looking for Diamondback bikes UK, save yourself the trouble of jumping from one shop to another and order your bicycle directly from <<< Here>>>

Diamondback BMX


Diamondback Unisex Youth Grind BMX 25/9 20" Bike, Black/Red

Differences in Price

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diamondback mountain bike corvus


Diamondback Corvus 2.0 16.5 27+ ht Electric Mountain Bike